Florida Heritage Foods
A wide range of community subject matter experts (SMEs) including farmers, chefs, cultural resource centers, and faculty provided presentations on a broad spectrum of topics related to Florida heritage foods to faculty and students at Santa Fe College. Watch the videos below to learn more from community experts. 

Evan Komyati, chef and owner of KOR Farm in Ocala discusses different techniques to grow and cook a wide variety of Florida heritage foods that include celosia, roselle, okra, and more.

Amy Van Scoik of Frog Song Organic Farm in Hawthorne talks about growing heritage foods  introduced to her by her grandmother such as daikon, roselle, sweet potato and bok choy. 

Manisha Ranade and Dr. Swati from the Indian Cultural and Educational Center in Gainesville present significant Indian cultural foods in Florida such as turmeric and ginger.

Aisse Kane and Awa Kaba Diaby, co-owners of Flavorful African cuisine and catering business in Gainesville, present a variety of West African cooking techniques and recipes for African heritage foods and cassava. 

Joseph Pierce of the Mosswood Farmstore and Permaculture Education Center in Micanopy, Florida discusses the role of Florida heritage foods in permaculture garden such as cassava, ginger and chayote.

Aviva Asher and Daniel Rebleto of Nicoya Farm in Gainesville talk about growing heritage crops in Florida and pay particular attention to their personal cultural knowledge and experiences with crops in Central and Couth America.

Dan Stepp, Associate Professor in Fine Arts and Painting, presents on the history of still life painting and the ways that Still Life can be used to teach about Florida Heritage Foods

Dan Stepp, Associate Professor in Fine Arts and Painting, presents on the ways that painting Florida Heritage Foods contributes to the development of unique knowledge about the crop.

Dan Stepp, Associate Professor in Fine Arts and Painting, presents on the ways that aestheticizing images about Florida Heritage Foods fosters community engagement and learning.

Melissa DeSa, ‘Seed EO’ of Working Food and the Southern Heritage Seed Collective, presents on the history, significance, and strategies for seed-saving heritage foods in Florida. 

 Dr. Dina Liebowitz, Plant Science Program Director in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Florida discusses the global origins of agriculture and food diversity.