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About This project

The Florida Heritage Foods Project is a community service-based pedagogical initiative centered on the historical, cultural, nutritional, and culinary value of crops that are significant to Florida’s multicultural history. Through the lens of food, this project-based teaching approach empowers students to take a proactive role in interpreting Florida history and promoting a more sustainable food system in their community. Instructional tools designed and developed by an interdisciplinary team of community college faculty and staff engage students in topics and issues related to local food security, public service, and multiculturalism in the classroom and beyond. 

Participating Faculty and Staff

Sarah Cervone

Dr. Sarah Cervone

Humanities and Religion

Vilma Fuentes

Dr. Vilma Fuentes

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Mirian Hay-Roe

Natural Sciences

Val Leitner

Val Leitner

English and Humanities

Diana Matthews

Dr. Diana Matthews

Library Sciences

Marcela Murillo

Dr. Marcela Murillo-VDB

Spanish and Humanities

Dan Stepp

Dan Stepp

Fine Art

Elizabeth Ziffer, not pictures

Dr. Ann Thebaut

Director for the Center for Applied Ethics and Humanities

Previous Participating Faculty and Staff 

Nicole Nesberg

Dr. Nicole Nesberg

American History

Administrative Support

Santa Fe College Marketing & Communications

Santa Fe College

Marketing & Communications

Santa Fe College Marketing & Communications

Santa Fe College

SF Media Studio


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